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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bounty of Boobs - Part 2

When looking for a topic for another blog posting nothing is quite so comforting as falling back on boobs.

A Joke

When she arrived at the beach, Booby Betty pulled off her t-shirt only to find that she'd forgotten to put on her bikini top. She realised that no one would notice if she was in the water, so she she crossed her arms over her boobs and ran down towards the sea. But halfway there she was stopped by a small boy.

"If you're going to drown those puppies," he enquired, "could I have the one with the pink nose?"

Booby Star - No. 2 - Alia Janine

In the world of big boob and MILF porn there is no-one quite like Alia Janine. From the naughty twinkle in her big eyes, to her mischievous sense of humour and the things she does with her 36FF boobs, she's a true treasure. At 31, she's not a mother herself, but she plays them very enticingly in many a video in which her character seduces her son's best friend or her hot young neighbour. (And the fact that she has knock-out tattoos worthy of a Suicide Girl never seems to undermine her convincing performances as a hot housewife or mom.) 

Of course she also gives lots of boob jobs. And she's appeared in quite a few videos in the strange and silly "massive cumload" genre, in which some kind of device allows the male performer to simulate ejaculating literally gallons of cum, leaving poor Alia looking like she got caught in an explosion in a tapioca factory.

Alia only got into porn in the last couple of years. Initially, she decided to experiment with doing some photo and video work for big boob porn specialists Score in order to help her career as a stripper. After some initial nervousness she took to being a porn performer like the proverbial aquatic bird to H20

She also loves to chat with her fans on Twitter. If you want to know what a porn performer has for breakfast, she's your girl. But, if you see her on a bus, don't try to cop a feel. She's broken guy's noses for that.

I haven't checked out the feature movie she appeared in for Score - Mamazon. (Trying to get porn films through customs in Australia is risky.) Apparently she has a sex scene while hanging from a tree. But given the screen presence she shows in her on-line videos, it would be a real missed opportunity if she doesn't branch out at some stage into the world of Russ Meyer-style b-grade movies. On Twitter she once expressed an interest in playing Olive Oil if anyone ever did another Popeye movie. I could see her doing that, or better yet playing a live action Betty Boop. But also she would make a great hardboiled detective or Barbarella-style space adventurer in the kind of movies churned out by the likes of Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray. On the other hand, I suppose that would be a step down from porn. Her own taste in movies ranges from The Color Purple to the Hostel movies.

For a guide to free samples of her work at the many websites she has graced, check out her page at Freeones, and for an interview with her : Boobster News Center.

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