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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review : CFNM Princess by Cassie Caine

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. It is a popular fetish in which women enjoy the power of being clothed while a man or men around them are naked and the men enjoy being treated as sex objects by the women who feel emboldened and disinhibited by their power advantage.

This fetish seems to be particularly popular in Britain. Many of the most popular CFNM porn sites on the net are British. And, apparently, CFNM parties are quite popular there too.

Cassie Caine is a British photographer who specialises in the male nude. And she also writes CFNM stories.

CFNM Princess is the tale of Michelle, a budding photographer who feels there is a buzz missing from her sex life until, one day at a party, a man loses a bet and has to parade around nude in front of everyone. She photographs this event and starts to discover a special excitement as she finds him getting aroused by her attention. From here their relationship develops as each uncovers a previously undreamt of aspect of their nature.

This novel does go to some places that I would not want to go in reality, such as :

Pegging - a man being fucked up the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on

One's erection being used as a perch by a sharp-clawed macaw

But I don't mind reading about these things. I like horror stories as much as the next person. Seriously though it is a credit to the author that she can get the reader so wrapped up in the story and so on-side with the heroine that it doesn't matter if she sometimes goes beyond one's comfort zone.

On the other hand there are some scenes in this book which I found a tremendous turn-on. What makes it particularly appealing is the enthusiasm of our cheeky heroine as she takes full advantage of her adoring male victim.

Cassie Caine has another book out called CFNM Goddess. I look forward to checking that one out soon.

These books are available from Smashwords.

Cassie Caine also has a blog.

Not surprising that guys wanted to get their gear off for Ms. Caine!

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