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Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review : Giggles, Grins and 'Gasms by Nikki Palmer

I'm always looking for writers with a playful, humorous approach to erotica. That's the kind of stories I like to write, but it is also what I like to read. So I am glad that I've happened upon Nikki Palmer. She doesn't only write humorous erotic, she writes a lot of more serious stories too, but anyone who likes my stories should definitely read her collection Giggles, Grins and 'Gasms which brings together six of her more light-hearted stories.

I really love this book! To me sexy stories are sexier when they are funny and playful. Nikki Palmer certainly delivers some erotically described sexual encounters, but the sexiest thing about these short stories is the cheeky nature of their heroines and anti-heroines. Two of the lead characters are nasty pieces of work, but by the end of their stories I'd developed a soft spot in my heart even for them. And I fell almost instantly in love with the other four female protagonists who either pursue their particular erotic desires with cheerful enthusiasm or surrender themselves to an ultimately rapturous sexual experience with a kind of wide-eyed innocence.

Nikki Palmer has a way of softening this reader's heart while stiffening his...err, resolve to seek out more of her writing.

The Stories

Rose and the Alien

Comedy based around aliens taking what humans say too literally is nothing new, but this story still made me laugh. And, perhaps more importantly, I found it very sexy, not because of the alien - who is pretty unemotional about the idea of having sex with a human - but because of Rose's dedication to pursuing her own pleasure untroubled by the unconventional nature of the satisfier of her needs. And the story has a plot twist which had me practically clapping my hands in glee.

Kara the Slave

This is not at all a believable story. Kara supposedly acts out of fear and yet seems happy and relaxed about her situation. But that's part of the fun of the story. It's like a cartoon. And the predictability of the resolution doesn't matter for the same reason. It's implausibility does nothing to take away from the sexiness of Kara's all-too-willing exercise in submission.

Brenda the Bitch

There are lots of spanking stories but they are always more fun when the spankee really deserves to be paddled and that is the case with this story. Brenda really is obnoxious. Her come-uppance is satisfying and very, very sexy. But in the end she's kind of loveable because her uninhibited bitchiness is just going to require so much punishment.

Buttcrack Betty

I've always had a thing for the sight of a little female buttcrack so I was bound to be intrigued by this story. It's a imaginative story about a girl with a fixation on plumbers, an uninhibitedly sexy little romance.

Naked Natalie

This was the first of Nikki Palmer's stories which I read before buying this collection. How can anyone not love a heroine who just loves being naked and is amused by the response of guys to whom she opens her front door that way? Natalie is mischief personified.

Wham Bam Thank You, Pam!

Pam is not a very pleasant person. It's funny and satisfying to see her struggle to get what she normally takes for granted. But, in the end, I found her indefatigable selfishness kind of endearing. And the story provided a scenario I've since found myself playing back in my head as a fantasy - something which is a sure sign that an erotic story has done what it is intended to do.

You can find this ebook at Smashwords or Barnes & Noble. You'll also find most of the stories as individual ebooks.

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