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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review : Superfanny by Jennie May

Jennie May has written a very cute parody of the “Supernanny” television series. I would only recommend it to those who like spanking stories, as there is no sex at all, but for those who are into a bit of domestic discipline presented in a story which is light and cheeky, this could well hit the spot.

Harried husband Dave rings Superfanny when he can no longer stand the nagging and temper tantrums of his wife Deanna. She makes him do all the housework while she sits around watching TV and demanding that he bring her sodas from the fridge. Their marriage is a reversal of the cliche of lazy husband and dutiful wife. Deanna is like a female Al Bundy.

Deanna tells the story of the new discipline regime that Superfanny institutes, creating a “naughty spot” for her to sit on when she disobeys, and spanking her when she refuses to sit there. And, once Superfanny has established the new order, it is Dave’s turn to take over.

What makes a spanking story work is the shifting power relationship between the characters. We delight in rebelliousness which we know will lead to a corresponding punishment. And in this story the fact that a stranger is the initial spanker adds an exciting extra frisson of humiliation.

But humiliation and pain, in a spanking story, can be liberating forces. Certainly this is the case for Deanna, whose selfish behaviour alienates her from a warm loving relationship with her husband. When he spanks her he shows that he cares about her and he shows that he has self-respect and thus is deserving of her respect.

The psychology of spanking as a form of sexual foreplay is a subject of much controversy. I think that part of the appeal comes from the role of sexuality as a form of rebellion. We often say that it is delightful to be naughty. And what better proof that we are being naughty than that we get spanked.

Today spanking as a form of discipline for children is on the decline, owing to critiques of the use of force as opposed to reason in the control of juvenile misbehaviour. This is most likely a positive change, but it would be a pity if it led to future generations who don’t associate spanking with naughtiness and thus don’t get a sexual thrill out of spanking each other.


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  1. Your suggestion that the decline of spanking as a disciplinary tool for parents is an interesting one. Without spanking at home, or corporal punishment in schools, the complex associations and relationships we form early in life between pleasure and pain, command and control, may soon become a thing of the past. What an unexpected consequence of wishing do the right thing.