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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dirty Discs : Girl-On-Girl Music by That's What She Said

Lesbians don't come any funnier or more musically versatile than Amy Turner and Kathryn Lounsbery, known collectively as That's What She Said Show. They use a broad range of musical styles to poke fun at New Age lesbian cliches. They began performing their live show in 2007 and Lounsbery has said :"To be honest, our audiences really haven't been lesbians. It happens to be about lesbians, but the themes are universal." Their first album, called Girl-On-Girl Music, came out in 2009.

Lesbian Cliche Song

Fanny Pack Lover

A laidback jazz song about a girl who keeps everything in her fanny pack.
Hey, you, listening to this recording, imagine these fingers tickling your overies...

Mixed Tape

What better way to express love for one's same sex love object than with a mixed tape? The song incorporates snatches of some of the most obvious songs to include on one.

Why Is My Right Wrong (A Response to Prop 8)

A lush catchy ballad that finds the ladies in more serious mood as they respond to intolerance towards the concept of same sex marriage.

First Date

A parody of Gilbert & Sullivan in the form of an extract from the operetta H.M. Lez Pinafore dealing with the subject of internet dating.

Lady Crust

A feminist anthem about the crustiness that unites women of substance from Helen of Troy to Peppermint Patty.

Country Clam

An old fashioned country song.
I sure loved her and I thought she loved me
But with my beer-goggles on I guess I couldn't see
She put the I in kitty but our love was such a pity
Cause you can't spell pussy without us 

Drink Her In

A sweet sad torch song about romantic regret.


A rallying cry for lesbians everywhere.

Come on beavers build your dam
Make it dental or other
There's not much time
Grab your sister not your brother

Come on beavers build your dam
Take your sister's hand
Together we will forge the way
To a brand new flannel land

Can't you hear the cry
"Look out behind ya!
There's a vagina!"
I said, "Look out behind ya!
There's a pretty little lady vagina."
*                            *                             * 
Once a long time ago there was a guy named Winnie the Pooh
Who stood for all things innocent and pure
But there is a new girl on the horizon
With "poo" in her name but it ends with "tang"
Poontang! She eats the honey right out of the jar
Poontang! She gets lots of tail down at the bar

U-Haul Rap

The most popular joke about lesbians becomes a raunchy butt-shaking rap song.

Cat on the Prowl Theme Song

Gayheraid, the Lesbian Sports Drink

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