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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Bounty of Boobs - Part 3

Once again it is time to return to the wonderful world of wobbly bits and say "Thanks for the mammaries!"

A Joke

There is a new brand of bra for the well-endowed ladies. It's called the Sheepdog. It doesn't lift or separate. It just rounds them up and points them in the right direction.

A Chinese Inflatable Bra Commercial

The Chinese have the answer for those who are less naturally well-endowed.

Booby Star - No. 3 - Busty Brown

Donna Mae "Busty" Brown was a very popular American pinup model of the fifties who also starred in many nudie cutie loops. Little seems to be known about her, but she has plenty of fans, not just for her amazing physique, but also for her manic mugging. Nudie cutie loops were generally silent and so they required the same kind of ability to communicate through gestures and facial expressions that was required of the stars of the silent movies of the 20s.

As the webmaster at The Big Breast Archive says her talent was the ability to look "as mad as badgers" in any number of different poses.

For more on Busty (and loads of other booby beauties) check out The Boobpedia.

You can find loads of Busty's loops on such Something Weird Videos series as Big Bust Loops, Superboobs, Nudie Cuties and Glamour, Panties and Pasties. Some are even available for instant download. They also have a sex ed movie called Mated (1952) in which she appears nursing a baby.

Big Boob Erotic Story

Kelly's First Time by Stoneypoint

A 39-year-old tutor with lovely large breasts notices that her 19-year-old student Kevin can't stop staring at them, so she decides the only way to get him to focus on his work is to let him have a feel.


  1. I must say, this cheered me up, after a particularily bad day involving friend A... Busty is a pretty woman. What can I say, I'm a boob girl :D

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad day, but happy if I was able to make it a little better. Busty is a treasure. Just wish I could have posted some of her on video.