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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Like Big Brother Only Literary!

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books you read when you were a kid? You didn't know which door the monster was hiding behind, but you had to pick one and find out what happened.

But what if what was hiding behind the door was not a monster, but a sexual adventure?

T. C. Gwinn's on-line erotic novel - as yet untitled - works like that. Except that it is a matter of counting up the votes. So maybe it is more like Big Brother.

Anyway, it's interactive, so you get to be involved. It's also well-written, funny and sexy. The first chapter - "Opportunity" - is largely devoted to setting up the characters, but it does get sexy, and I can tell it is just going to get hotter from here. The next chapter is due to go up soon.

Here is T. C.'s own description :

T.C. Gwinn is an author and editor.

This is her first effort to create a community driven work on fiction. Reader is invited to cast a vote, via the comments section, on what should happen in the next chapter.

A. Kandinski, a beautiful young journalist in Chicago, will face a number of dangers, villains, romances, and successes.  You the reader will help guide her decisions. If she wins the Pulitzer Prize, or is murdered by her pimp, or finds happiness in the arms of a new man (or woman),or founds her own newspaper, or drives the corrupt mayor to resign, or winds up under arrest–you’ll all have a say.

The setting and character has been set.  A recent emigrant from a small town in Nebraska, A. Kandinski made her bones early in journalism as a restaurant reviewer in Chicago with an acid pen. She’s also made a few influential enemies in town. She’s having boyfriend troubles, and, now recently unemployed, she’s feeling vulnerable and alone. Can she really make it in a tough city in Chicago?

My advice is to vote now - and vote naked! Just click the picture below to go to T. C.'s site :

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