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Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review : Naked Adventures (Naked Collection #1) by Kendall Swan

This bumper collection of erotic stories by Kendall Swan centres around her "naked" series - titles such as  Naked Housecleaning, Naked Cheerleader, Naked Robot, etc., but it also contains a generous assortment of her other stories, including some short realistic vignettes and some wild excursions into science fiction and the world of vampires.

The great strength of her writing is simplicity and directness. She takes you straight into the experiences and thoughts of her characters with very little time spent on setting scenes or giving detailed descriptions. Never-the-less she conjures up deliciously erotic images and sensations with great economy.

Her best stories, which include Naked Housekeeping, Naked Slumber Party and Naked Robot, are incredibly sexy because of the way they convey the excitement of a character caught up in a unfamiliar erotic adventure which opens up previously unforeseen possibilities.

While the stories may vary in their eroticism, all are interesting in some way, with the science fiction and vampire stories consisting of brief incidents which manage to sketch out a larger context in just a few details and imaginatively explore such issues as post-Apocalyptic sexual politics and interspecies sexual encounters in outer space.

Many of these stories have been made available previously in smaller collections, but this is the best way to get plenty of Kendall Swan bang for your buck.

You can buy it, in various formats, from Smashwords.

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