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Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review : The Adventures of Little Lorna - Part One : Resort Sports

The Adventures of Little Lorna is a series of sexy comic books that artist Julio Sinope has created specifically for the Kindle ebook format. He has released two books so far and is currently working on a third.

Little Lorna is a naive but spirited eighteen-year-old whose parents have allowed her to go on holiday in Mexico with Ol' Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is not her real uncle, rather he's a dirty old man. And it doesn't take much for one of the locals to con Lorna out of her clothes, which leads to a spanking from Uncle Bob.

The basic concept of the Little Lorna comics is not original. Stories of naive young girls being taken advantage of by a succession of sleazy men are a genre all to themselves, and this kind of plot has been used in literally hundreds of porn films. Nor are the gags terribly clever.

But what makes these ebooks something to treasure is Sinope's artwork. Little Lorna is a delightful creation and it is all in the drawing, which captures her spirit of indomitable optimism in the face of every kind of abuse. And the images are so well presented that, as you flick from one picture to the next it often almost comes across like one of those flip books in which the progression gives an illusion of movement.

Resort Sports is a very short instalment in the series. The second - Love Boat - which I will review later, is a good deal longer and more ambitious.

You can find Resort Sports at Amazon.

Also, check out Julio's page at DeviantArt. Check out his blog, especially the oldest post which includes some wonderful colour artwork. You can also find Julio on Facebook.

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