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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three in a Bed : A Sunday Snog

This week's Sunday Snog is another extract from my as yet unfinished novel Vanessa's Island. For more about the institution of the Sunday Snog and links to other contributions check out Victoria Blisse's blog.

Three in a Bed

"Time for bed, loverboy," Vanessa grinned.

"O.K.!" I yelled, grabbing her by the hand and dragging her towards the bedroom.

"Whoooh," Vanessa protested. "Hold your horses."

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"You haven't even kissed Nicole goodnight," she reminded me. "You really must learn to mind your manners."

"Oh yeah," I replied, running over to Nicole and pecking her on the cheek.

"That's not a kiss," Nicole protested. "THIS is a kiss." She threw her arms around my neck, pressed her soft boobs against my chest and kissed me long and hard and open-mouthed. As our tongues entwined, I rubbed my stiff cock against her firm belly in a desperate humping motion.

"All right all ready, that's enough!" cried Vanessa, pulling us apart. "I can't even trust you to give the girl a polite goodnight kiss."

"Poor David," Nicole sympathised, "I think you'd better take care of that cock of his right away before it explodes."

"Goodnight Nicole," Vanessa smiled, leading me into the bedroom.

"Goodnight, Vanessa. Goodnight, David," Nicole called after us, through the closing door.

Vesper and Lucie from Girls Out West
"So, David," said Vanessa, turning to me with an evil grin, "feel like a fuck?"

I threw my arms around her immediately and pulled her close. After all that frustration, the feel or her soft warm belly against my aching prick was too much. A wave of ecstasy shook my body and I coated the underside of her boobs with several jets of creamy hot jism.

"Oh, dear," Vanessa laughed, "I suppose I should have known that that would happen if I kept you waiting this long. I bet there's a hell of a lot more where that came from though." She grasped my still-stiff cock and slid her hand slowly up and down in its slick coating of cum.

"Oh, that's so good," I sighed.

"Now lie down on the bed," she instructed. "My pussy is almost as desperate as you are."

Following instructions, I lay down on the bed and watched as Vanessa lowered her auburn-haired pussy over my stiff cock.

"Oh God, yeah," I cried, reaching up to squeeze her bottom cheeks while she rode me like a horse.

Vanessa closed her eyes and pinched her nipples as she rode me and it wasn't long before a spasm rocked her body and she cried out in ecstasy as she collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap.

"See," she said, with a slow sensuous smile, "some things are worth waiting for."

As she lay back on the bed beside me I began drawing slow circles around one of her sweaty nipples with my index finger. Then I leaned down and gently kissed the soft side of her throat.

"You really are the sexiest woman in the world," I told her.

"What about Nicole?" she asked.

"Oh, all right, you're the second sexiest woman in the world," I replied.

"You bastard!" she cried, slapping my face with a playful grin.

"Let's just say, that you are the sexiest woman in the world and Nicole is the sexiest girl," I replied diplomatically. "She is only half your age after all."

"You don't have to rub it in," Vanessa sulked.

"But I thought you liked it when I rubbed it in," I replied, rubbing my fingers in her cum-coated pussy.

"Well, when you put it that way... " Vanessa sighed, her evil grin once more manifesting itself.

"Oh, I'll put it anyway you like," I smiled, kissing her on the lips.

It didn't take much of this fooling around before my cock was stiff once more.

"Give it to me one more time," she said, giving me a slow, tired smile.

"Isn't that a song?" I asked, as I climbed between her legs and slid my cock deep into her welcoming pussy.

"If you start singing, I'll never forgive you," she replied. "Just shut your mouth and fuck me."

I was doing as ordered, slowly pumping my stiff prick in and out of Vanessa's hot pussy, when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked, keeping up my rhythm.

"Idiot," Vanessa laughed, softly smacking the side of my head. "What do you want, Nicole?"

"I'm lonely," Nicole's voice replied sadly, from the other side of the door. "Can I sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Well, David and I are fucking at the moment," Vanessa replied.

"Oh, goody," cried Nicole, opening the door and running in to the room. "I hoped you might be. I love to watch."

"Well, David," said Vanessa, "I suppose we better make sure we put on a good show."

Vanessa squeezed her pussy around my cock to try to stop me from pulling it out, but I pulled hard and out it came with a wet plopping sound.

"See, Nicole," I said, putting on a teacherly voice, "this is David's cock, and this is Vanessa's hot horny pussy. And this is how David's stiff cock and Vanessa's hot horny pussy make friends with each other."

With that I spread Vanessa's legs even further apart with my hands and plunged my stiff prick back where it belonged.

"Oh, yeah," Vanessa sighed. "Teach her well, David, teach her well."

Nicole climbed onto the bed beside us and smiled happily as we fucked. She reached out with her right hand and slowly stroked the flexing musles in my left leg, as I plunged my cock again and again into Vanessa's insatiable pussy.

When Vanessa and I finally came simultaneously, a wave of ecstasy sweeping our bodies, Nicole celebrated the event by leaning down and planting a gentle kiss on left cheek of my sweat-soaked ass.

"I need a drink after all that exercise," I said, getting up off the bed. "You girls want anything?"

"Why don't you bring in what's left of the lemonade and three glasses," Vanessa suggested.

"Your wish is my command," I replied hammily, bowing my way out the door.

The night was warm and humid. I could hear the heavy tropical rain beating a steady rhythm on the roof as I turned on the kitchen light. As I opened the refrigerator door the cool air felt good against my sweat-and-cum-soaked skin. I took out the pitcher of lemonade and placed it on a tray that was lying on the counter. I grabbed three glasses and put them next to the pitcher. Then  I carried the tray into the bedroom, switching off the kitchen light with my elbow as I went past.

Nicole and Vanessa were talking softly together about how wonderful life was on the island. As they talked Nicole ran a finger tentatively over the sweaty skin of Vanessa's hip.

"Vanessa?" Nicole asked, with a slightly troubled look on her face.

"Yes, Nicole," Vanessa replied.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Of course. But I didn't think you were interested in other women."

"Neither did I, until just now. But I want to know what it feels like."

I set the tray of drinks down on the bedside table and watched as Nicole gently took Vanessa's face between her shaking hands and brought their lips together. After a moment she pulled back and looked deep into Vanessa's eyes. Then she pressed her lips back to Vanessa's, putting her arms around her and pulling her close. A tremor went through Nicole's body as she and Vanessa's mouths opened and their tongues began to play together.

"Oh, wow," Nicole sighed, when she finally pulled away. "That was fantastic! I never knew it would be like that."

"I've been wanting to do that ever since you arrived on the island," Vanessa confessed.

"Look," said Nicole, spreading her legs wide apart so that Vanessa and I could see the juice that was trickling from the crack of her pussy.

"Mmmmm," I replied, sitting down on the bed and leaning over to lick it up.

"Oh, that's wonderful, David," Nicole sighed. "But I want Vanessa to lick it."

"I thought you'd never ask," Vanessa smiled, as her face sank slowly between Nicole's legs.

"Geez," I complained, "I'm stuck with a pair of lesbians. I can see I won't even get a look in from now on."

"Judging by the state of David's cock," Nicole pointed out, "I think he likes lesbian girls. Does David want a naughty lesbian girlie to suck his cock for him."

"I wouldn't say no," I replied.

While Vanessa slurped happily at Nicole's pussy, Nicole leaned across and grasped my hot hard cock in her soft hand and lowered her warm lips around its sensitive head. She sucked it hard into her mouth, and then pulled back so that the end slipped out from between her lips with wet popping sound. She repeated this action several times, obviously delighted by the sound that it made."

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food," I complained.

By way of an answered Nicole just bared her teeth around my cock playfully.

"O.K., O.K.," I replied, quickly, "I get the point."

After that Nicole got down to some serious sucking and soon I was coating her tonsils with love juice.

"Oh, God," she cried, after she'd had a chance to swallow. "I'm cumming... "

When Vanessa finally came up for air, she was a mess. Her chin, mouth and nose were all drippng wet as she grinned at me. I leaned over and pulled a dark pubic hair from between her teeth.

Vanessa and Nicole were so excited by the joy that they had discovered together that they talked long into the night. Eventually I had to slap their bottoms playfully and tell them to shut up so I could get some sleep.

The next morning I was the first to wake. When a gentle kiss on each of their behinds failed to wake Vanessa and Nicole, I decided to let them sleep.

I fixed myself some breakfast and then set off to do some spear-fishing at the lagoon on the other side of the island, in hopes that I might catch a special lunchtime treat for my two weary bedmates.

"Aw, how romantic," I commented upon my return, when I found the two of them doing a naked slow dance to Tony Bennett.

Vanessa stuck her tongue out at me. "She dances better than you do, anyway," she commented.

I just sat down and watched them circle the floor, sometimes pressing their breasts together, sometimes pulling back so that their stiff nipples just barely touched and tickled each other. All the while grinding their hips together, Vanessa's auburn pubes intermingling with Nicole's black ones.

I had to admit that watching them dance like that was a major turn-on. As I watched them I slowly began to stroke my stiff cock.

"Just because you come home and find two nude lesbians slow dancing in your bedroom, doesn't mean you have to sit down and start masturbating," Nicole scolded me playfully.

"Oh, poor David," Vanessa replied. "I think he feels left out. Just because we like licking each others pussies doesn't mean we love him any less, does it."

With that they came over to where I was sitting and knelt down on either side of me. I continued to stroke my erection while they kissed each other over my lap, sucking on each others tongues sensuously. Then Nicole pulled my hand off of my cock and replaced it with her own. She pulled the head of my cock towards her mouth and gave it a tentative lick, then she offered it to Vanessa who did likewise. Then both bent down and began licking and sucking up and down either side of my cock, their lips and tongues occassionally brushing against each other around my shaft. Finally they were engaged in a wet open-mouthed kiss around my stiff cockshaft.

Eventually I surrendered myself totally to the rapturous pleasure they were giving me and spurted several jets of hot cum over both their faces.

As I sat there feeling totally satisfied, they grinned up at me with my cum running in creamy rivulets down their foreheads and dripping from the ends of their noses. Then they turned towards each other and began licking each others faces clean.

When they had achieved this, Vanessa grabbed Nicole by the hand and led her over to the bed. Lying down in a 69 position, with Nicole on top, her round pink bottom pointed towards me, they proceeded to lick and suck each others pussies hungrily.

The sight was too much for me and my cock soon swelled back to full stiffness. Walking over to the bed to get a closer view of Vanessa's pink tongue flickering in and out of Nicole's dripping pussy, I proceeded to wank myself off and sprayed another load of cum over Nicole's back. When she and Vanessa had both reached quivering orgasms, she raised herself up and I watched my cum slowly run down her back and between the cheeks of her bottom.

That night Nicole, Vanessa and I again wore ourselves out with frenzied love-making.

The End (for now)

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  1. Wow, I ask for a snog and I get a threesome, you're my kind of man, love! :D