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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Close Shave : Fuck Me Friday

Fuck Me Friday is late this week. It turned into Sexy Saturday, and now, for me, it is more like Masturbation Monday. But, better late than never, I have a little poem for you responding to the prompt word #blade. Check out Aisling Weaver's site for more info.

A Close Shave

When I parted her legs and sucked on her clit
My little slut Sally had a giggling fit
How could she keep sucking my prominent pickle
When my big fuzzy beard her pussy did tickle
I docked my hard cock in her sloppy wet harbour
Then she dragged me off to visit the barber
The hairdresser we found was a hot hippy chick
Whose warm free love aura befriended my prick
As her sharpened straight razor scraped bare my chin
I thought of her pussy and how to get in
She cannot have been more than nineteen years old
The nearness of her body was making me bold

I discreetly reached 'round and spanked her behind
She gave me a sly wink and pulled down the blind
Sally sat by, not the least bit furious
She loves to swing and is most bi-curious
"I want a clean shaven man to suck my twat,"
She told the hairdresser for whom she was hot.
"Want a bare pussy for when he does lick it?
"Then a Brazilian could be just the ticket
"You've got me thinking about things hot and lewd
"I'll give you a free wax if I can be nude."
Off came her tight jeans, her bra and her panties
I felt just as high as snow on the Andes
Her armpit hair was as red as a clown's nose
Her pubes were braided into perfect cornrows

As the hair she removed from Sally's cunt
With my finger for her g-spot I did hunt
She told me, "My work is done. I love to play."
Then with her cunt juice my whole face she did spray
I ended by fucking her up the arse hard
After lubing it up slick with some pomade
That expert wielder of a sharp razor blade
Is a delightfully fuck-mad saucy maid
When we managed to make her little toes squirm
Our barbershop threesome set just like a perm.

The End

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